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IGCSE A-Level 

Year 12 & 13 – Cambridge AS & A Level (17 – 18 years of age)

A Level stands for Advanced Level and AS Level stands for Advanced Subsidiary Level. Both A Level and AS Level exams are taken after students have already taken the IGCSE exams and many will have received a diploma from Brighton or elsewhere. IGCSE A Levels are highly specialized, meant for students aiming to enter more competitive and prestigious universities in the European Union and elsewhere in the world. A Levels require approximately 360 hours of guided learning per subject, usually over a two-year period. AS Level exams contains half the content of the corresponding A Level and are normally completed in one year. 

The Cambridge International A Level exam is graded on a scale from A* (being highest) to E (the minimum required performance). AS Level exam grades run between grade A (being the highest) to E (the minimum required performance). No A* is possible for AS Level exams. 

Universities establish independent entry requirements, and even standards within different departments within universities may differ. Popular majors and courses may require higher grades on the A Level or AS Level Exams, as a prerequisite to entry or acceptance. 

Generally, all universities in the United Kingdom require of students three passing grades of C, in three separate A Level subjects, to be considered for admission. However, more competitive programs, such as medical schools, often require grades AAB or even a combination of As and A*s across three subjects. High A Level grades are key for admission in all the world’s top universities.

A-Levels are reported on a grade scale from A* (highest) to E (minimum required performance). There is no A* grade for AS Levels which run from grade A to E.

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