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The admission selection process at Brighton International School (BIS) involves many factors beyond educational merit. We look for students who are well-rounded, eager to learn, show exceptional leadership, diverse interests and who exhibit strong interpersonal competencies. Our community depends on a diverse student body, and thus, we want students who are representative of different cultural backgrounds and experiences.

Admission at BIS is open throughout the year, although timing of enrolment may depend on schedule demands and the availability of openings in our classrooms. We are excited to welcome every student who wishes to pursue a quality education, and who is looking to challenge themselves in a rigorous learning environment. 

We understand the pressures that students face in the modern world. BIS aims to facilitate learning by offering diverse learning opportunities, and thus, we look for students who can contribute to the social and intellectual life of our school.

As students prepare to enroll in university, we understand that students differ in aptitudes and goals, and will ultimately accept roles in many different professional fields. BIS looks for students with a passion for learning, enthusiasm for campus life, and a sense of direction, as we aim to facilitate them on their educational journey.

How do I apply as parents?

Step 1

Applications for admission to BIS can be easily attained online, through the mail upon request, or, by simply walking in to the office at our Brighton Setiawangsa campus. 

The following documents must accompany the completed admission form:

A copy of applicant’s birth certificate / IC / Passport

A copy of the most recent School Report Card from the previous school

A non-refundable application fee of 500 RM

Step 2

After the application and accompanying documents are received, the school admissions department will review the application and determine if the candidate is suitable. 

A representative of the admissions department will then contact parents to arrange for an Assessment Test and personal interview with the student. The Assessment Test may also be administered online under special circumstances.

If the candidate demonstrates adequate English ability and performs well in the interview, the admissions team will schedule the assessment. 

Step 3

Once the admission team comes to a decision with the assessment result, the parents will be informed. BIS reserves the right to place a student in the appropriate grade.

An Offer of Admission will be given to the parents explaining the terms and conditions.

If the Offer of Admission is accepted, the parents must then submit the complete documents as per admission check list and make the required payment on or before the date stated in the Offer of Admission.

Once all payments are made, parents will receive a Welcome Kit from BIS detailing further steps in the matriculation process.

For more information, please email admission@brighton.edu.my or call our admissions office at +60 3 42665309.

Upon being accepted to Brighton, Parents will be expected to pay a Security Deposit, tuition fees, text book fees and other associated charges at the applicable rates determined in the Offer of Admission.

Please note that fees are reviewed on an annual basis and that charges indicated on the current fee schedule may not reflect the fees applicable for the term of enrolment. The School reserves the right to revise the Fee Schedule, although this will be discussed clearly with the Admissions Consultant.

Fees for subsequent terms are payable in advance, and are to be paid before the commencement of the term. A 10% penalty may apply to any outstanding balance beyond the established payment date. 

Incoming students will not be allowed to attend classes until all fees are paid in full, according to the terms agree upon in the Contract.

Any agreement with a third party, or with anyone other than the Admissions Consultant, is non-binding. The School reserves the right to refuse a payment from a third party unless authorization is given, in writing, by a parent or legal guardian. 

Parents wishing to withdraw a student from the School must give notice to the School ONE (1) ACADEMIC TERM in advance. Failure to notify the School according to these terms will result in the forfeiture of the security deposit. The Withdrawal Notice establishes the Date of Withdrawal.

Once again, the Withdrawal Notice must be issued ONE (1) FULL ACADEMIC TERM in advance of the date that Parents wish to withdrawal the Student from the School.

  • The following terms and conditions apply to the Withdrawal Notice and Withdrawal Date. Deviations from this process will result in forfeiture of the security deposit. 
  • If the student intends to withdraw from the School at the end of an academic term, the Withdrawal Notice must be received by the School no later than the first day of that academic term. 
  • If the student withdraws from the School prior to established Withdrawal Date, the Withdrawal Notice is invalid.
  • If the Withdrawal Notice does not establish a clear and agreed upon Withdrawal Date, the Withdrawal Notice will be considered invalid.
  • A provisional or conditional Withdrawal Notice is neither recognize nor considered unless it is authorized by the Parents and confirmed by the School. If the Student ultimately does not withdraw from the School on the Withdrawal Date, a new Withdrawal Notice must be issued not less than ONE (1) FULL ACADEMIC TERM before the Withdrawal Date. 

Under no circumstances will a Security Deposit or other applied fees be considered in lieu of tuition fees.

Upon fulfilment of these conditions, the Security Deposit will be refunded to the Parents free of interest. The refunded Security Deposit must be claimed by the Parents within ONE (1) YEAR from the established Withdrawal Date.

Failure to retain the Security Deposit within this time period will result in these funds being transferred to the School Improvement Fund, whereby the Parents shall have no further claim to such repayment of the Security Deposit. 

Whereupon a Student has withdrawn from the School and wishes to apply for readmission, no registration fee will be required if the child is readmitted within a period not exceeding THREE (3) ACADEMIC TERMS from the previous Withdrawal Date. Upon readmission, the Parents must pay the application fee, Security Deposit, tuition fee, and other associate fees, prior to the date of commencement, according to the prevailing rate. 

Failure to pay any required fees, may result in the School withholding examination results, certificates or student records.

  • For safety and security measures, only authorized people, such as a Parent, legal Guardian or designated Custodian may drop students off at School. 
  • Students should arrive on the School premises in advance of the first session.
  • Parents /Guardians are not permitted to obstruct the drop-off zone in front of the School gates, and must park any vehicles in designated parking spaces if business at the school is to be conducted on the premises.
  • Students who arrive to school late will be marked as tardy. Frequent tardiness may negatively impact attendance.
  • For safety and security measures, only authorized people, such as a Parent, legal Guardian or designated Custodian may pick students up at the School.
  • Students must wait inside the School facility while waiting to be picked-up by authorized persons.
  • Parents /Guardian must inform the security staff on duty when collecting the Student.
  • Parents /Guardian are not permitted to wait or park any vehicle in the pick-up zone.
  • Parents /Guardian must inform the School if a Student is to be collected later than the established end of school day. 
  • Under normal circumstances, Students should be picked up from the School within 30 minutes of the official commencement of the school day.

Student behaviour is derived from a set of established ethics and values. The Code of Conduct should apply to all aspects of a student’s life, inculcating common values that can be applied at home or in the community. 

Courtesy:                       Be considerate of others in your community

Honesty:                        Be truthful to yourself and others

Responsibility:            Be mindful of your obligations

Justice:                          Let a sense of fairness guide your thoughts and actions

Generosity:                   Show kindness and compassion

Perseverance:              Put effort into worthy goals.

Punctuality:                 Recognize the importance of being on time.

Respect:                        Everyone has the right to teach and to learn in an environment of                 

                                         mutual respect and tolerance.

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