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Our greatest challenge at BIS is to develop a comprehensive curriculum that meets the varied needs and potentials of our students, so that they can meet the challenges and opportunities as they step out into the world. As a certified Cambridge Assessment International school, we are committed to delivering coursework that meets or exceeds international standards. The Cambridge Curriculum has been developed at the University of Cambridge, in the United Kingdom, one of the oldest academic institutions in the world. 

While Cambridge is at the core of our academic program, and guides our educational values and academic content, Brighton also offers a number of special courses and programs to supplement the Curriculum. We feel that these programs support learning, build capabilities and add value to the school experience. 

BIS recognizes the need to deliver a solid Cambridge program while also providing additional growth opportunities for a number of key reasons: 

  • To support language development and cultural literacy
  • To facilitate interpersonal interaction to develop strong communication skills 
  • To connect students to their local and regional spaces and places 
  • To provide students opportunities to be creative and to express themselves
  • To meet the standards of the Ministry of Education in Malaysia

Our principal academic goal is to facilitate opportunities for students of diverse backgrounds, interests and capacities to flourish in a challenging learning environment so that they gain the knowledge, skills and experiences they need to succeed in higher education, their careers and in their lives. 

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