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Brighton International School offers a rich selection of extra-curricular activities designed to enhance students’ all-round (holistic) development. We have created a wide range of after school activities for the students to explore their interest.

The aims of our extracurricular activities are :

  • To give all students a wide range of enjoyable and challenging experiences above and beyond the timetabled curriculum.
  • Allow competitive teams, drama companies and music ensembles to reach high standards of team/group and personal performance.
  • Provide opportunities for students to aspire to the elements of the school’s core values.
  • To continue to serve in community projects/services.

Some of the extra-curricular activities available to our students:

The physical education curriculum at Brighton International School as well as after school sports, play a vital role in our students’ development and growth.  There are outstanding opportunities to play, have fun, and be fit.

A wide range of sports is offered through our extra-curricular programme, to provide further opportunities to participate in alternative activities and competitive sports such as football, basketball, track and field, badminton and volleyball.

Brighton International School makes excellent use of the rich cultural opportunities offered in Kuala Lumpur city. Educational excursions are organized regularly throughout the school year to enhance the learning experiences outside in the classroom.

BIS aims to help learners develop an understanding and enjoyment of Drama through group and individual presentation skills and studying ways to communicate with audiences.

We pride ourselves on the quality and breadth of opportunities we provide for students in the area of performing arts outside of the classroom.

Brighton International School believes that music is an art that provides a means to communication, an opportunity to become skillful, a means of expression of both emotional and intellectual perspectives, exposure to other cultures and times, a means of accessing other disciplines and a vehicle for wondering, reflecting and consolidating. BIS believes that music contributes to the complete development of the students by stimulating listening skills, imagination, concentration, physical coordination and self-confidence.

Debating and public speaking at Brighton International School is an extra-curricular activity offered to students of all grades. Its emphasis is on participation in an enjoyable manner.

Debating and public speaking is also beneficial in promoting communication skills, encouraging critical and creative thinking abilities and engaging with the local community.

Students are encouraged to express their opinions and learn to refute their opponents’ arguments with informed opinions of their own.

The Visual Art programme at BIS aims to give all children the opportunity to explore a range of art materials and media. Developing confidence and control in these areas and exploring the work of other artists will enable students to express ideas and make individual responses to stimuli.

Technology is integrated into almost every aspect of the modern society. As such, we strive to do the same at BIS. Computers and information technology provide the students with tools that have endless potential to complement and expand learning. Our computer programme aims to facilitate constant access and combine specific lessons to enhance and upgrade both skills and knowledge.

As technology dominates our lives, learning basic computer programming isn’t just a smart idea; it’s an essential skill for everyone. Coding exposes young learners from primary to secondary schools to coding in an interactive way. BIS offers after school program for all students. Coding provides learner with an opportunity to be creative in their design, logic and problem-solving abilities.

Brighton International School is committed to ensure the all-round (holistic) development of each child. Through a range of planned community services and fundraising activities we provide appropriate opportunities for students of all ages to develop a respectful and caring sense of social responsibility towards other people and the environment.

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