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Lower Secondary


Cambridge Lower Secondary students are typically eleven to fourteen years-old. Building on the foundations of Cambridge Primary, the Lower Secondary provides a natural progression on the Pathway to Upper Secondary. Our Curriculum offers a number of core classes such as English, Mathematics, Science and ICT. Students are also expected to take a number of BIS courses, such as History, Geography, a Second Language (Mandarin, Malay Language, French or Arabic) Arts & Crafts, and Physical Education.

As students complete the Lower Secondary programme, they may elect to take Cambridge Checkpoint Assessments in order to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses. The Checkpoint Assessments are externally benchmarked tests, meant to test skills, knowledge and understanding in English as a First or Second Language, Mathematics, Science and Global Perspectives. Checkpoint Assessments are optional, and are only meant to provide feedback for students and parents. 

BIS’s Curriculum Framework provides leadership, promotes creativity, stimulates innovative thinking and communicative skills, while also reinforcing academic literacy and practical study competencies. BIS aims to kindle minds and encourage higher order critical thinking. Students are encouraged to consider social problems and issues, and formulate their own views. We also facilitate leadership and innovation in our LEADER program, and offer students opportunities to explore in Social Clubs and other activities.  

BIS recognizes the importance of building academic and socioemotional competencies in young learners in the Lower Secondary. This will build confidence and capabilities that will become essential as they move into Upper Secondary, towards graduation and beyond.

Cambridge Pathway
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