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Primary School


At BIS, Lower Primary begins in Grade 1 and ends after Grade 3. Upper Primary starts in Grade 4 and ends after Grade 6. The core focus of our Primary programme is to develop literacy, foster growth and understanding, and lay the foundations for scholastic competence and interpersonal communication. Young learners are highly experiential and hands-on, and thus, our teachers balance student-centred activities with teacher-centred lessons using a number of traditional strategies and constructivist approaches such as project-based learning, inquiry-based learning and Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL).

Our teachers recognize that every student brings both natural competencies and challenges, and that we must balance the needs of individuals and the group. This is why we have developed the BIS Curriculum upon the core Cambridge Primary foundational subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and ICT, and also offer a wide range of other classes that give students opportunities for learning and growth.

Beyond the Cambridge Core, we offer a second language (Mandarin or Malay Language), Social Studies, Music, Arts & Crafts, and Physical Education. 

In addition to our regular coursework, our BRIGHT program focuses on interpersonal competencies, behaviour and transformational growth across the domains of health, society and culture, economics, arts, literature and communication. 

Our Social Club program provides additional opportunities for students to explore and collaborate with peers in special-interest related activities. Students can be involved in Clubs such as Cooking, Sports and Fitness, Martial Arts, Dance, Choir and many others. 

We approach Primary School from a growth perspective, and recognize that these are the formative years for students. BIS understands the academic and moral dimensions of building core literacy, individual competency and self-confidence through social activities.

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