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Art & Craft

BIS supports creativity and imagination by putting Arts-and-Crafts at the centre of our curriculum. We aim to build a strong, recognized Arts Program that encourages innovation and self-expression. 

Our art teachers are experienced and knowledgeable, and we have dedicated a Creativity Corner at BIS with a fully equipped Arts Studio. BIS students work on a variety of visual arts-and-crafts projects throughout the week, during Social Club sessions, after school and during special events.

Learning Arts-and-Crafts has kinetic, socioemotional and cognitive functions as young people mature. Primary students develop fine motor skills, improve dexterity and practice hand-eye coordination. Simple actions such as performing brushstrokes, colouring within lines, or cutting and pasting will develop physical and mental capacities. Arts-and-Crafts enhance self-expression, encourage creativity and allow young students to socialize with peers. Art also has therapeutic value, and can boost self-confidence. Art sharpens decision-making, improves memory and encourages visual learning.

Secondary art students generally work on more complex types of projects, as our program incorporates elements of graphic and mixed media design. While more complex projects are more challenging, students also learn the process of taking conceptual ideas to a final product. 

The BIS Studio Arts program is constantly developing and refining, and yet, success of the Studio Arts program depends largely on the students themselves. BIS aims to foster creativity and innovation, and a strong arts program is one way that students can develop these valued skills. 

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