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Arts Festival

The BIS Arts Festival is a weeklong event that celebrates creativity and human expression. As the twentieth century French artist Henri Matisse once said, “Creativity takes courage.” BIS puts student self-expression at the center of its program because supporting the arts facilitates innovation and self-development, while also providing students opportunities to challenge themselves in new ways.

During our week-long program, BIS conducts a number of full and half-day workshops and practice sessions focusing on arts and crafts, design and visual arts, music, modern and traditional dance, and other dramatic performances. The Arts Festival is structured semi-competitively, to motivate students to take risks, express themselves through different mediums and find their voices. The atmosphere is inclusive, nourishing and supportive, allowing the students’ natural abilities to shine. 

The Arts Festival culminates in a celebratory performance where the entire BIS community is invited to come together and celebrate the arts, view our community art gallery and share the common values of artistic expression in all its variety and sparks.

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