HOTLINE : 1 300 882 BIS (247)

Corporate Communications Department

Communications between students, teachers, staff and parents are conducted through the Corporate Communications Department (CCD). Brighton feels that flexible and responsive communications is our obligation. Clear, direct, accessible and expedient information often resolves issues and serves to mitigate potential conflicts. 

The CCD communicates through four main channels:

  • Newsletters and Bulletins published tri-annually and monthly, respectively
  • Memos sent out on an as-needed basis
  • Class-specific WhatsApp groups that facilitate discourse between the CCD, teachers and parents, and
  • Our online school management system, called Fedena. 

These three communication mediums offer regular information and platforms through which parents can reach out to the school or specific parties. Each registered student at Brighton receives a Fedena account, where personal records and profiles are uploaded. Parents may receive regular updates through Fedena and can view photographs or send messages through the system. The WhatsApp groups are less formal, but often parents prefer this method of communication. These groups allow for instantaneous communications and updates that are relevant to specific homerooms and grades. 

The mission of the CCD is to keep everyone in the Brighton community informed about not only the scheduled events within the academic calendar, but also about any unforeseen changes, concerns, issues or special circumstances that arise that may influence those on campus.

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