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Disciplinary Policy

Brighton recognizes that discipline is a fundamental aspect of education that leads to positive behavior and fosters mutual respect within the BIS community. The purpose of our Disciplinary Policy is to ensure that the BIS learning community remains an environment that is conducive to self-esteem, self-discipline and positive student development. 

Our Discipline Policy is based upon our Code of Conduct representing our core values:  

Courtesy:            Be considerate of others in your community

Honesty:              Be truthful to yourself and others

Responsibility:    Be mindful of your obligations

Justice:                 Let a sense of fairness guide your thoughts and actions

Generosity:          Show kindness and compassion

Perseverance:      Put effort into worthy goals

Punctuality:         Recognize the importance of being on time.

Respect:                 Everyone has the right to teach and to learn in an environment of mutual respect


BIS encourages the development of a well-reasoned, pragmatic, effective and fair Discipline Policy where support, trust and accountability are maintained. The Policy identifies a number of Core Rules and provides a clear, judicious disciplinary procedure that maintains the integrity of the school and the dignity of students. The School supports peer mediation, mediation programs that accompany counseling and pastoral care services. 

Further details of the School’s Disciplinary Policy are available in the BIS Family Guide, available upon enrolment. 

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