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Campus Facilities


Our Cafeteria is a colorful, bright and open space for the BIS community to gather, eat and converse, in the morning and throughout the day during breakfast and lunch breaks. Our fully-equipped kitchen, and talented culinary experts deliver consistently fresh, tasty and nutritious meals. 

Computer labs

Our computer labs are constantly being updated to keep up with the latest technological features. Independent work stations equip students with the tools they need to access the digital age and learn key ICT skills. 


The BIS library is located on the Second Floor. The space provides a large, open study hall and learning center for our students. The library provides essential resources and many tables for students to gather, collaborate and converse.  

Home Economics Lab

The Home Economics lab is located in our Creativity Corner on the Third Floor, near our Art and Music studios. The lab has a full kitchen and ample workspace for our culinary arts program with independent work tables and proper equipment to cook any meal. 

Art Studio

The Art Studio is located on the Third Floor, in our Creativity Corner. It is a large, creative space equipped with a full range of arts supplies and tools that support a wide range of arts-and-crafts activities. Students can sit around large work tables or may use aisle space for painting and sketching.  

Music and Dance Studio

Our Music and Dance Studio is located on the Third Floor, in our Creativity Corner. This large, open space is multifunctional, providing rehearsal space for choir, band and dance troupes. 

Media Center 

Our Media Center is located on the Second Floor, near the Library. It is a space dedicated to multimedia, journalism and graphic design. The Media Center provides students a space for our JMC Club, Yearbook and ongoing media work. 

The Hall Room

The Hall Room is a multipurpose room used for school assemblies, banquets, school functions and public events. It is located on the First Floor near the Reception Center.

Science Lab

Two, fully equipped science labs are located on the third floor. One is dedicated exclusively to physics, and the other to chemistry and biology. The spacious work stations allow students to work individually and in groups, while having access to tools and materials to explore and learn.

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