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Field Trips

At BIS, we feel that it is important that students explore recreational and educational opportunities in the greater community. Field trips are important features of our yearly program. Although every excursion is different, typically, we aim for one educational field trip and one strictly fun-oriented field trip. Both field trips give students occasion to learn and explore. In the past, we have chosen to go to botanical gardens, wildlife parks, museums, science centers, amusement parks and manufacturing centers. Students enjoy traveling off campus together, discovering new interests and participating in group learning activities.  

Field trips benefits students in at least four ways: 

Expanding Access: Students experience environments and tools that may not be available at school. Students access learning laboratories and connect with others in the community who possess knowledge, insight and skills in specialized areas. 

Real World Experience: Experiential learning connects theory to praxis. When students go outside the comfort-zone of the classroom, they may be able to see how the knowledge they are learning in class ties to real world issues and problems. 

Field Based Learning: Students engage with content in new ways, through different mediums, contexts and modalities. Field trips activate and enrich experience through multisensory learning experiences. 

Socioemotional Growth: Field trips expand the mind and can create more empathy and understanding in students, as well as critical thinking skills. For instance, a field trip to a museum may enhance a child’s sensitivity or appreciation for history, art or the natural world. 

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