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Leadership Camp

Each year, BIS selects a number of students who exhibit promising leadership aptitudes to attend a leadership retreat. This experience builds confidence, skills and competencies, leading to personal growth and social responsibility. 

Leadership camps are known to increase self-awareness. Students learn to recognize their values and monitor their motivations, developing a growth mindset, resilience and collaborative abilities. They learn to trust themselves in new ways, which enables them to take calculated risks and embrace new challenges. 

Students learn important interpersonal social skills and competencies, and better understand how to empower others and themselves. They have opportunities to make connections with role models and learn to be role models themselves. 

Leadership camps improve creativity and courageousness. Students learn that they can make a difference in the community and become more socially active. These abilities directly transfer to campus life, as our student-leaders return to BIS with a new sense of empowerment.

Students learn to be more affective public speakers, how to set goals and manage time in new ways, and get opportunities to network. 

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