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Multicultural Day Celebrates a Diversity of World Cultures at BIS

Our school has many valuable attributes; yet arguably the one we pride ourselves on the most is our multicultural student body and international faculty. With well over thirty nationalities represented at BIS, our community benefits from the many traditions, perspectives and experiences of a diverse population.

Why is multiculturalism important to recognize and celebrate? Many answers may come to mind and none may be altogether definitive. As human beings, we express ourselves through infinite varieties of intelligences, languages, races, religions and cultural traditions. The recognition and celebration of our differences makes us more aware of our own values, minds and distinct ways of seeing and being in the world. Simply put, recognizing and celebrating differences gives us a more rounded perspective and opens up our minds to new ways of understanding others and ourselves.

In celebration of multiculturalism, BIS hosted a Multicultural Arts Festival on January 21st, 2020. The event was well-attended, with representation from many countries in and outside of Asia. Parents and students brought many cultural artifacts and food, displaying them in booths and tables throughout the auditorium. Live entertainment, performed by the student body, showcased the day’s events. Dance and musical performances expressed cultural and generational values.

With a wide range traditional snacks from Sudan, Somalia, South Korea, and Malaysia, to the Chinese Dragon Dance celebrating Chinese New Year’s, to the many diverse student performances, Multicultural Day was a huge success, and something to build on for next year.

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