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BIS Olympics

The BIS Olympics is an annual athletic event where individual and group competitions are held in the spirit of intramural fun. Modeled on the Summer Games, the BIS Olympics is an opportunity for students to show off their athletic prowess, but also to practice teamwork, camaraderie and sportsmanship.  

Prior to the Games, students are grouped in different Houses denoted by color. During the opening ceremonies, each House demonstrates unity through choreographed marches. When the Games begin, a number of track-and-field sports and team competitions are performed. Students compete in various sporting events, such as football, long and short distance running, netball, long jump, tug-a-rope and others. 

During the closing ceremony, individual, group and Houses are awarded. BIS Olympics is a memorable event that students and families love, and it is a good opportunity to strengthen connections within the community and to build tradition.

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