HOTLINE : 1 300 882 BIS (247)


The Operations Department at BIS is dedicated to facilitating all the departments and programs, providing logistic and material support to the school. Operations is responsible for the facility and grounds, security, transportation and the visa process. 

Brighton Operations ensures a clean, safe and functional school campus, where parents and students can rest assured that a well-maintained, organized and functioning facility accompanies a strong academic program. 

Operations is instrumental to the school design and development process, construction management, and facility maintenance. We remain proactive in our responsibilities and are always looking for ways to improve our campus.

The Operations Department organizes the transportation services, technology, security, uniforms, textbooks and visa processes.. We provide logistical support, information and processes that facilitate the acquisition and distribution of goods and services that support students, teachers and parents. 

The Operations Department is in charge of the Health and Security of students, faculty and staff and iis dedicated to the well-being of everyone on campus.

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