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Orientation Day 2020

At the beginning of every new term, BIS welcomes parents and students in to the school community by hosting an Orientation Day. We are a growing school, and each family has great value to us. We want parents and students to have access to the information that they need to get started at the school, and we create this event to welcome new community members.

On January 4th, 2020 we kicked off the New Year in style. Our Principle gave a welcoming speech, articulating academic expectations and values. The Principal also introduced all of our teachers. We then exhibited a short demonstration film about our digital platform, Fedena, which connects parents with all departments within our institution with an easy-to-use app. We also heard from the Operations Department, who discussed such issues as security, transportation and our facilities. After the formal presentation, we served a luncheon, where students, parents and staff could comingle and enjoy food and refreshments.

BIS feels that incoming students and parents are entitled to the most transparent information possible so that parents understand our expectations and provisions. We are always available to discuss individual issues as they arise throughout the year, but this first encounter is a chance for parents to preview our program and to meet our faculty and staff.

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