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Brighton recognizes our role as facilitators of innovation and development, but we also value student-led learning. The Social Club program gives students opportunities to become leaders in group activities that are fun, peer-centred and participatory. 

Many of our Social Clubs were created on demand, as we have listened to what students want, and have tried to accommodate these special interests. While each Social Club is overseen by a member of our faculty, teachers are meant to play a supportive role in these activities. Each Social Club forms a leadership committee, and we try to encourage student collaboration and self-direction.

Social Clubs are meant to be, first and foremost, fun, lively and entertaining. However, many learning opportunities and teachable moments arise during these activities. 

Some of the most popular, ongoing Social Clubs in our Primary school are: Taekwondo, Sports & Fitness, Cooking, Dance, Choir, Painting, Game and Computer Clubs. 

Secondary students enjoy: Cooking, Sport & Fitness, Dance, Football, Design, Painting, Guitar and our Journalism and Multimedia Club (JMC).

We are constantly adding new Social Clubs and considering new ways to facilitate them, and yet ultimately, we encourage clubs to develop naturally, building on the dynamics, energies and talents of Club members. 

Social Clubs are a way that students can create learning opportunities and exchange ideas. Brighton sees the Social Club program as offering opportunities for students to become leaders and learn how to work together in collaborative groups, co-creating, imagining and evolving together.

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