HOTLINE : 1 300 882 BIS (247)

Student Representative Council (SRC)

In keeping with our commitment to nurturing future leaders, BIS’ Student Representative Council (SRC) gives students opportunities to get politically involved in campus life. Each year, BIS holds general elections for SRC leadership. Candidates organize and administer political campaigns, give speeches and rally support. The student body elects a President, Vice-President and Treasurer. The elected administration plays an important leadership role throughout the year, hosting events, fundraisers and functioning as delegates and spokespeople for BIS events. 

The SRC is a student-led, faculty-advised organization that meets regularly throughout the academic year. Our faculty advisors serve to guide, inform, encourage initiatives and facilitate opportunities both on and off campus. 

Student leaders in SRC learn how to host and lead meetings, negotiate and make decisions. They can enhance the quality of life on campus and build school culture through collaboration, debate and discussion. SRC also gives leaders opportunities to build credentials, credibility and capacities for future endeavors and challenges. 

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