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The Benefits of a Parent Teacher Conferences

BIS stresses the importance of establishing good parent-teacher relationships; therefore, at the end of every term, we host our Parent Teacher Conference. This past term, we had many new students and parents joining our community, and this conference gave our teachers a chance to meet parents and connect student reports to the individual student, giving formative assessment a personal and inclusive dimension. Parent Teacher Conferences are not just vehicles for status reports from teachers to parents about a student’s performance or behavior. These sessions are truly platforms where a partnership forms between parents and teachers.

Parent Teacher Conferences provide the mechanism for teachers to invite parents in to their child’s educational process. These meetings allow teachers to give advice and support to parents, and conversely, for parents to ask questions and make suggestions about how the school can better support their child’s development. PTCS provide a link between classroom and home learning activities. We hope to establish this connection more deeply as time goes on.

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