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Upper Secondary

Brighton International School recognizes the challenges and pressures on students as they enter the final years of secondary education. Students are expected to prepare for the IGCSE subject-specific exams and university admissions, while also making important life choices. We are dedicated to providing both academic and advisory support for our students. In the final stages of the Cambridge Pathway, BIS helps students prepare for the future.

Cambridge Pathway

Brighton is committed to facilitating success in the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) assessments by offering nearly twenty subjects as part of our regular course offerings, and by facilitating special subject exams upon request. In upper secondary, students are expected to study for eight exam subjects over a two-year period depending on academic and career interests. While English, either as a first or second language, and Mathematics, are compulsory, students can choose an additional four or five subjects, according to their chosen stream. Students also have the option of choosing one subject that is not in their stream. Each course requires approximately 150 hours of study over the two-year preparatory course. 

Our qualified teachers are devoted to bringing about positive outcomes. Focusing on subject content, understanding, applied knowledge, intellectual enquiry, and English fluency, we aim to position students to succeed to the best of their abilities. 

BIS upper secondary students are also expected to take a second language, physical education and continue to engage in other BIS programs.

We recognize that while exams are important, secondary students need a community of support that builds self-confidence and provides them opportunities to grow as individuals, socialize and learn from others. Therefore, we offer a number of special programs, including our signature LEADER program that provides students experience with academic research and writing, internship and business/entrepreneurial experiences. We also offer a diverse Social Club programs, where students have opportunities to participate in a number of clubs including dance, art, martial arts, cooking Journalism and Multimedia Club (JMC), football, sports and fitness and many others.

BIS strives for academic excellence but also a well-rounded educational experience where our upper secondary students gain many opportunities to express themselves, ideally becoming leaders and mentors in the school community.

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