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BIS facilitates the visa process for foreign students and parents. This is a vital service for families living in Malaysia. It is the responsibility of the school to ensure that documentation is directed towards the appropriate agencies in a professional and timely manner. It is also important that parents are informed of the process so that information is expeditiously provided to the School.    

The Operations Department facilitates the procurement of the visas, and parents will be appointed a Course Councilor upon submission of the application. The Course Councilor will help guide the family through the visa process, but can also answer any questions regarding the admissions process. 

Some key aspects of the visa process are as follows: 

  • All submitted documents must be original 
  • Many documents must be certified true copy by the Malaysian government 
  • Specific countries require a Single  Entry Visa (SEV) upon entering Malaysia
  • Student Pass applications will only be processed when all outstanding balances and fees are paid in full 
  • A compulsory insurance policy from AIA is required 
  • Once all certified documents are submitted to the Ministry of Education (MoE) the visa process may take up to forty days to be approved

BIS aims to accommodate both Malaysian citizens and non-citizens. Our Operations Department has developed a system that manages the visa process so that BIS students and their families can successfully make the transition to Malaysia and live here both legally and securely. 

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