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Creativity is a set of skills and attitudes that anyone is capable of: tolerating ambiguity, redefining old problems, finding new problems to solve, taking sensible risks, and following an inner passion. Creativity enhances learning by increasing motivation, deepening understanding, and promoting joy. This motivation and understanding are essential to the creative process of teachers and students in pursuing meaningful goals.


TIME : 11 AM – 12 PM



Ms Omana Nair

“A child who thinks creatively can solve problems more easily than a child who follows a rigid protocol.”

Currently the Head of Department for Upper Primary in Brighton International School, Ms Omana holds a Bachelor degree in Malay Language and Linguistics and Masters in English Language Studies. She teaches English, Social studies and Moral Studies at Brighton International School.

Ms Sahba Hadjian Jaber

“There is no innovation and creativity without failure.”


Ms Sahba is the Head of Lower Primary Department, she holds a Master degree and Professional English Certificate (CELTA). Her passion for teaching children drives her to not only help students improve their English and Mathematical skills but also become better individuals.

Ms Mumtazah

“I believe creativity is when the students are able to express themselves using limited resources, when students are having fun learning and exploring something new.”

Graduated with a degree in Music Education, Ms Mumtazah is passionate in both teaching and music. She teaches Music & Malay Language at Brighton International School.

Ms Ahmad Rais

“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt”


Mr Rais, beside teaching Art in Brighton International School, is also an artist. He has recently completed his Masters in Fine Arts. He has exhibited his works at various galleries in Malaysia such as White Box Publika, Seri Pacific Hotel, Aswara Art Gallery and the National Art Gallery.

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